Yohakusha & Marginalia bookshop


logo designs for an independent publisher and bookshop 

︎︎︎ logo for Yohakusha (publisher)

︎︎︎ logo for Marginalia bookshop

︎︎︎ Marginalia bookshop signs

︎︎︎ Marginalia bookshop inside

I had a chance to design an independent publisher logo. The publisher was created by Emi Kobayashi. She has been editing many various great books in Japan. When we had a little dialogue about if there is any motif she would like to use for her logo, she mentioned the song “Blackbird” by the Beatles. She told me about the background of the song, the political message that the song carries. I personally loved this song because of its beautiful lyrics but I didn’t know about the background story. The final logo represents the blackbird in the lyrics.

After a while, she contacted me again and said she was about to open her bookshop too. This time, we created a logo that shows that the blackbird is now flying. It has a plum flower which is a local flower symbol for the city where the bookshop sits. We wanted the bird to fly freely in this city.

Her bookshop is in Bubai-gawara, Tokyo. The shop has a cafe space so that you can just come by without buying books all the time. You might be able to see Mt. Fuji from the cafe window.
編集者の小林えみさんから彼女がはじめる出版社のロゴデザインの依頼をしていただきました。彼女は幅広いジャンルで素晴らしい本をたくさん産み出している編集者です。ロゴのデザインをする上で対話をした際に、小林さんがビートルズの 『ブラック・バード』 の話をしてくれました。私自身もこの曲と歌詞がとても好きでしたが、その曲のつくられた歴史的背景や政治的メッセージなどは知りませんでした。最終的に完成したロゴは、この曲の中の飛べないクロウタドリの姿を表しています。



Yohakusha & Marginalia website
Client: Emi Kobayashi
Designed in 2020

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