With Dilemmas From the Future

What can graphic designers do in the era of climate crisis?  

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I launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to print and publish my book. The book title is “With Dilemmas From the Future – What can graphic designers do in the era of climate crisis?” The whole long story will be found on the kickstarter campaign page. It’s been a struggle to edit and translate the book, but also to find out how I can make this book as less damaging to the planet as possible. I chose to work with local riso-graph printer in Copenhagen which is run by two women whose focus is sustainability and contribution to the local art community. And I thought crowdfunding is a good way to reduce printing waste.
And simply put, I need the printing cost. This project means so much to me personally – and I expect that the book will be a good start to talk about this topic in graphic design industry. I would be super happy if you support my project!

*My KS campaign ended successfully on the 12th of September 2021. 

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