No more Jurassic JERA


Campaign against the biggest Japanese energy company

on Financial Times Asia (25 October 2023) 

Social media graphics in English/Japanese

Action in Philippines (24th October 2023)

Actions in Melbourne and Tokyo (October 2023)

I designed graphics for a campaign called “No more Jurassic JERA” – which aimed to criticise the biggest Japanese energy company JERA, for heavily relying on fossil fuels and even investing in new fossil projects in emerging Asian countries. It is shameful that JERA does not even try to transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy even though we have long known that fossil fuels accelerate climate crisis. Even they are investing in brand-new fossil fuel projects in other Asian countries. On top of that, they have been running textbook greenwashing ads (which I got inspired to make this campaign graphic) to make Japanese people believe that they are using “clean” energy. The top executives of JERA should know that they are on the wrong side of history, and in fact, a lot of local people in those Asian countries do not want the new fossil fuel plants.

It was amazing to see the Filipino climate activists utilise my graphics and create such a powerful action. I also loved the customisation of the campaign graphics by the local designer. There have been more than five actions across the world, in Philipines, Bangladesh, Japan, Australia, and the US. Unfortunately, there are no pictures from Bangladesh, because these activists face personal risk from the opposition. I truly admire their courageous actions which show what they believe in.

日本のエネルギー最大企業であるJERAが化石燃料に大きく依存し、アジアの新興国で新たな化石燃料プロジェクトに投資していることを批判するキャンペーン「No more Jurassic JERA」のデザインを担当しました。化石燃料が気候危機を加速させることは以前から知られているにもかかわらず、JERAが化石燃料から再生可能エネルギーに移行しようとしない、さらに他のアジア諸国にて新しい化石燃料プロジェクトに投資していることは、恥ずべきことだと思います。その上、日本の人たちに 「クリーンなエネルギーをつくっている」と信じ込ませるために、教科書的なグリーンウォッシング広告(このキャンペーン・グラフィックをつくる上で参考にした)を流しています。JERAの上部の人たちは自分たちが歴史の間違った側にいること、アジア諸国の地元の多くの人々は、新しい化石燃料発電所を望んでいないことも知るべきだと思います。


Client: Market Forces Ltd.

Designed in 2023

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