Marx in the Anthropocene


Book design for Cambridge University Press 

Hardcaover / Paperback (Paperback is available with more reasonable price)

It is a design work for an economic thinker and Marx researcher Kohei Saito's book “Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards the Idea of Degrowth Communism”. The publisher is Cambridge University Press.

This academic book consists of slightly different content from his best-selling Japanese book, “Capital in the Anthropocene”. The book examines the communism advocated by Marx, not only from the perspective of people's labour and the state of society but also from the perspective of the relationship between the natural environment and humans.

I think that the idea of Degrowth is gradually gaining acceptance in Europe and the US in the age of climate crisis. I myself would like to see developed countries like Japan (where I was born and raised) and Denmark (where I currently live) stop seeking economic growth that inevitably exploits limited resources, other living beings and people in the Global South – and steer towards a degrowth society. In this respect, I am pleased to have this opportunity to design a book by Kohei Saito, a thinker I admire.

The cover illustration is by Takumi Sugiyama. He specialises in drawing various aspects of nature with a piece of paper as a brush. The image of the white birds flying from right to left carries a message about the direction our society should go in the future. 

経済思想家・マルクス主義研究者である斎藤幸平さんの著書 『Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards the Idea of Degrowth Communism /人新世のマルクス: 脱成長コミュニズムに向けて(意訳)』 の装丁を担当しました。

日本でベストセラーとなった斎藤さんの著書 『人新世の資本論』 とはやや異なる、学術的な内容の本です。マルクスが唱えていたコミュニズムを、人々の労働や社会の在り方という観点だけでなく、自然環境と人間の関わりという視点とともに考察している一冊。



Author: Saito Kohei
Illustrator: Takumi Sugiyama
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Editor: Anwesha Rana 
Coordinator: Emi Kobayashi 

Designed in 2022

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