Lost and Found 


anthology series themed “the same age”

Lost and Found vol.1 “cross swords with the same age”
cover image: Minami Hirayama

Lost and Found vol.3 “re-live in the same age”
cover image: Kyoko Goto

Lost and Found vol.4 “travel around the same age”
cover image: Mai Sasame

Anthropologist, Yutaka Nakamura started a small seminar called “Ningengaku-kobo” which means “Anthropology Atelier”. These anthologies are main projects of Ningengaku-kobo, contributed by various people who normally don’t write but have something to tell. During the process, contributors got together and read their drafts out loud in order to hear the sounds of words and others’ opinion. The theme is always relating to “the same age” which is aiming to capture this age we are living now.

Publisher: Ningengaku-kobo
Editor in chief: Yutaka Nakamura
Designed in 2013, 2015, 2017

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