Isl& Natural Guides Ishigaki


Japanese topical islands’ guidebook design

I designed an English guidebook introducing Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, and the logotype for the project “Isl& (Isl-and)”.

The author, Celeste Ortelee, is from the Netherlands and studied Tourism there. After that, she started living in the Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa and has been sharing the charms of the region with English-speaking audience. The photographs used in the book were taken by Celeste and her partner themself.

While creating this book, I and Celeste talked at length about sustainability issues facing the tourism industry, such as over-tourism. We tried to incorporate the kind of care that tourists should take, or the availability of vegetarian options in the book, as well as the existence of beautiful nature and its wonders. So that the guidebook stands on the sustainability mindset and is not just a luxury holiday guide.

Chiho Sawada helped me to layout the whole book with 144 pages. The printing was done by Shumpou-sha. They were helpful and responsive to our needs, from paper selection to the exchange of colour-proof adjustments, which resulted in a beautiful book.

沖縄・石垣島を英語で紹介するガイドブックと、プロジェクト「Isl& (isl-and)」 のロゴタイプをデザインしました。




Author : Celeste Ortelee
Photos: Celeste Ortelee, Manabu Togawa
Publisher: Pawana LCC.
Print: Shumpou-sha
Design layout: Chiho Sawada

Designed in 2023

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