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Regenerative agriculture editorial design

The last two photos – ©Utopia Agriculture

I have been designing a series of booklets for the pasture-based dairy subscription product called Graze Gathering. It was launched in May 2022.

The company that initiated this project, Utopia Agriculture, has created an experimental farm in Bankei, Hokkaido – in order to explore new ways of grazing. The subscription package includes eggs from hens raised here, and the milk and yoghurt from dairy cows that have been pasture-fed. The booklet explains the ‘Regenerative’ approach that the project is trying to implement. In this issue, we asked Taku Bannai to create illustrations for the cover and feature article.

When talking about climate change, dairy farming is inevitably demonised, but there are positive impacts on the soil from herbivores. Under the supervision of Professor Yoshitaka Uchida of Hokkaido University, scientific research is being conducted into the possibility of positive impacts beyond the negative effects of methane emitted by cows from their burps, such as nutrients being recycled by cow dung and soil being revitalised, or trees in dense forests that are out of human reach being felled to create a healthy, light-filled forest environment. 

Subscribers to Graze Gathering can register here. (Japan-only) This product is perfect for people who can't go vegan but want to choose environmentally friendly food.
2022年5月より、スタートしたGraze Gathering という放牧による乳製品のサブスクリプション商品と一緒に届く冊子のデザインを担当しています。

このプロジェクトを立ち上げたUtopia Agricultureという会社は、北海道の盤渓というところに新しい放牧の在り方を模索する実験的農場をつくっています。ここで育った平飼いの鶏たちの卵、伸び伸びと育った乳牛たちの牛乳と飲むヨーグルトのサブスクです。冊子の中では、このプロジェクトで実践しようとしている「リジェネレイティブ(再生型)」について解説しています。また、坂内拓さんにカバーと特集のイラストを描いていただきました。


Graze Gathering のサブスクはこちらから登録できます。ビーガンにはなれないけど、環境配慮をした食材を選びたい人にピッタリの商品です。

Client: Utopia Agriculture
Illustrator: Taku Bannai
Producer: Yohei Azagami
Editor in cheif: Kotaro Okada
Editor: Shintaro Kuzuhara
Designed in May, 2022

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