Five Things We Can Do


Instagram posts to inform people what we can do for climate change

Article cover image

Cover images

No.1: Listen to science

No.3: Change your life bit by bit

No.5: Choose better companies and politicians

This is a series of graphics titled “Five things we can do for climate change”. I made them with an environmental activist and model, Lillian Ono. Emori Seita from NIES wrote the original article and conducted the project. To tell such a complicated problem as simple as possible, not only I worked on design and illustration but also spent a lot of time figuring out what kind of words and charts we should use. You can download and share these images from the NHK web page

Original article: Seita Emori from National Institute for Environmental Studies
Collaborator: Lilian Ono 
Client: NHK
Designed in May, 2020

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